Cadami’s growing customer base, team and technology

Cadami is expanding quickly, working with the major IFE providers, expanding the team and developing new technology solutions.

Using Cadami’s software, airlines can provide a high volume of high quality video content to hundreds of passengers, using the aircraft’s existing IFE hardware. The software uses highly sophisticated coded caching and media transmission technology.

Andreas Dotzler, CEO of Cadami said, “Because our technology comes as a software upgrade, it is very popular with airlines. In our Netflix and Amazon Prime world, we’re used to having access to pretty much every film ever made. That’s what people have come to expect when they fly but they don’t get it at the moment. That’s the problem we’re solving.”

Cadami’s software is already part of the offering from one of the big IFE providers, flying with dozens of airlines.

Andreas Dotzler continued, “We are in active discussions with the other major IFE companies, which will give airlines around the world access to our technology. Importantly, it will mean passengers around the world will have more choice and therefore a better experience.”

Cadami is still a young company but the team is expanding fast, attracting some of the best technology people to its office in central Munich. In the past two months alone, the company has taken on a software architect and software engineer. There are more jobs available, which are advertised on the website.

Cadami is developing new technology solutions for the airline industry.

Thomas Kuehn, Chief Sales Officer added, “The next stage will be the launch of two new solutions. The first uses the aircraft’s Wi-Fi network to give passengers direct access to the video content using their own laptops, tablets and phones. Our second new technology will operate over inflight connectivity, making the satellite transmission more efficient for video on demand distribution, without incurring huge costs.”

Thomas Kuehn concluded, “In the next few months, we are set to see strong growth in our customer base, our team and our offering. This is a very exciting time for Cadami.”

AIX - Media Coverage

We had a great time at AIX 2018. We met old friends and met new ones, and we introduced our technology to some of the journalists there.


A click on the image above will take you to the articles so you can see what the experts have been saying about our technology

AIX news release



AIRCRAFT INTERIORS EXPO, HAMBURG, 10 April 2018 – Cadami’s video distribution technology is now available through one of the world’s leading inflight entertainment (IFE) provides, helping airlines provide significantly larger libraries to every passenger without any hardware upgrades.
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Andreas Dotzler, CEO of Cadami said: “Passengers expect to be able to watch pretty much any movie they want, wherever they are. It’s what we’re all used to in our Amazon Prime and Netflix world. That volume is not currently available to airline passengers and upgrading the IFE hardware is expensive and time-consuming.”

Thomas Kuehn, Chief Sales Officer of Cadami adds: “Airlines need to provide more choice of video content. Provided cost and aircraft downtime are not an issue, an airline could simply upgrade the IFE hardware on any plane to increase video storage and transmission capacity. However, Cadami’s pioneering technology requires only a software update to enable a higher volume of high-quality video content, which is much more cost-effective.”

Cadami uses a unique, patented combination of the latest coded caching and transmission standards to make highly efficient use of the existing server, Ethernet network and seat-back screens. The result is bandwidth savings of 50%-80%, meaning an airline can use its existing hardware to make significantly more video content available to every passenger on the biggest aircraft, without losing any quality. The system supports HD and 4K content.

Thomas Kuehn continues: “This is brand new technology that delivers what passengers want – access to more video content – in a way that is commercially viable for airlines. Our customers provide IFE solutions to some of the world’s leading airlines so we are very pleased to be working with the team, helping provide the best passenger experience in our industry.”

Dotzler concluded: “The cost of these hardware upgrades varies from aircraft to aircraft, as would the time required, but it’s clear both would be substantial. That is the problem Cadami solves.”

By the end of the summer, Cadami’s software will be flying with dozens of airlines.

AIX - Hamburg

Come and see us at Aircraft Interiors in Hamburg, from 10th to 12th March. You’ll find us on the upper level of the IFEC Zone, on booth 4UC41.

If you’re brave enough, we’re hosting a celebration of Bavarian Beer on Tuesday 10th March at 1500.

See you there.

Crystal Cabin Awards

Cadami was honoured to be included in the short list for the prestigious Crystal Cabin Awards. These Awards, presented during AIX, are only given to the very best innovations in the aviation industry.

We are very proud to have made it onto the short list and wish the finalists the very best luck.

Red Bull Media House Innovation Summit

Media House is a Red Bull subsidiary, examining technology developments in the media world, developing the very best technology to provide premium media products.

Cadami played an integral role in the Innovation Summit in March, demonstrating how the right software can revolutionise media distribution

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